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toyourdinner asked: Shuffle song 🌝

" Just What I Need " by The Cars

Anonymous asked: So then what gender are you?


welp. I feel genderless a lot of the time. I think maybe I’m genderfluid, flowing along the huge gender spectrum. some days I feel like a girl. some days I feel agender. some days I feel like a combination of everything. some days I want to be called sir. most days it bothers me to be called a “lady”. my identity is suuuuper fluid.
you also have to realize that gender identify doesn’t necessarily always correlate directly with gender expression. so when I’m leaning towards a girl one day, that doesn’t necessarily affect my outward appearance. I could feel feminine in baggy jeans and a sports bra. I could feel masculine in a crop top and skinny jeans. I think people have this idea that certain clothes are “boy” clothes and certain clothes are “girl” clothes. but what even is a girl? what even is a boy? question gender. question what you’ve been taught. question the gender binary. question everything.

amen Andy

Anonymous asked: are you female?

I’m kris

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